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Product tracking system is an e-government application which enables the traceability of all medicine devices and production line of cosmetics products and the location of sale and usage, and the patient. UTS project was developed by T.R Ministry of Health, Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) and Tubitak Bilgem and presented to service in 2017.

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It is a system integrated with T.R Ministry of Health.

According to the audit protocol between Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) and Tubitak Bilgem, it is aimed to track and audit persons and hospitals manufacturing, importing, distributing, marketing medical devices or cosmetics products by means of UTS. All infrastructure studies required for UTS has been developed by Tubitak Bilgem.

It has been designed to meet any need through 100% national capital.

A need approach will be adopted in medical devices and cosmetics sector with UTS system. If you have a role in this system (as a manufacturer, importer or marketer) we alleviate your workload by making your inventory notifications semi or full automated and provide saving on your time. Our integration service is provided as customized for your system.
Your inventory software can easily integrated by means of Product Tracking System. Manual or automatic transmission operations can be realized by means of Excel (xls or xlsx) or XML system.

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Advantages of UTS System

The advantages of the project developed by T.R Ministry of Health, Turkish Medical Devices Agency (TITCK) and Tubitak Bilgem have been gathered under 4 main titles.

  • Access to Safe Product
  • Efficient Audit
  • Future of Health Policy
  • Powerful Contribution to the Economy

Access to Safe Product

Consumer and Patient safety is one of its primary advantages. It plays a key role in the withdrawal of illegal, poor quality and unsafe products from circulation by controlling and auditing all products in the market. It has been specified as the most reasonable system for the withdrawal of existing defective, counterfeit or ruined products from the circulation. It provides an effective audit system by tracking shipment and storage conditions from production stage of the products to their presentation for costumer and patient usage. Therefore, effective traceability of inventory, maintenance, repair, calibration and warranty processes of medical devices are enabled.

Active Audit

It is aimed to withdraw the defective, counterfeit or ruined product from the circulation before it becomes available for consumer or patient. Thanks to the controls realized as the result of an active audit, the safety of consumer and patient will be enabled. Thanks to UTS, supply location of product or other primary information on the product will be accessed. Problems will be detected simultaneously by feedbacks received from consumers or patients. Mobile feedback applications will have a key role in this sense.

Future of Health Policy

Thanks to UTS system, T.R Ministry of Health and related institutions will be able to realize their short term and long term plans easily. This project will play a key role in the determination of health policies;

  • Contributions of countries to national economy will be measured separately.
  • Production and stock policies will be formed through statistical data to be obtained from the system.
  • Devices implanted into the body will be compared and policies will be created accordingly.
  • Problems caused by lack of information on product mobility in refund will be solved.
  • Faster and more strategic decisions will be taken in case of emergency or extraordinary situations with the inventory registered in the system.

Economical Contribution

It is foreseen that a great contribution will be made for economy by preventing unrecorded products and accessories from being available for consumers and patients by means of inventory tracking. Since the spare parts to be used in medical devices will be tracked, consumers and patients will be relieved. Price difference for the same product, which is a frequently encountered problem is expected to be eliminated. Thanks to the determination of tax policies in production and import of medical devices by means of UTS, its contribution to the national economy will be much higher in the future.