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Custom Software Solutions

Commercial software used by corporate companies often fall short in managing various processes since they predominantly serve specific purposes. Consequently, managers attempt to generate external solutions using programs like Excel, leading to time loss due to reporting, file cluttering, and the inability for multiple users to access simultaneously.

We listen to your needs in such cases and provide tailored solutions for your company, reclaiming your time and boosting productivity by streamlining your processes. We conduct various analyses on your processes to assist you in making the best decisions for your company. Within the scope of the customized solution we develop, we segment your processes into various stages, creating a timeline for you and ensuring that your project reaches its conclusion step by step.

Grant Soft | Custom Software Solutions

Analysis of your project

  • Analyzing Needs
  • Identification of existing infrastructure and equipment
  • Determination of project infrastructure and requirements
  • Mutual project team identification
  • Identifying critical success factors and fine details
  • Discussion of assumptions and cause and effect analysis

Project Proposal

  • Defining the project framework
  • Hardware and infrastructure pricing
  • Software pricing
  • Planning the delivery
  • Defining acceptance criteria
Grant Soft | Custom Software Solutions

Project Initiation

  • Prerequisites
  • Identification of third party requirements
  • Environment preparation

Other Services

  • Defining and determining maintenance and support services
  • Business continuity plan
  • Training
Grant Soft | Custom Software Solutions
Grant Soft | Custom Software Solutions

Custom Software Solutions