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Collex Business Intelligence Platform

With a robust analysis infrastructure

Steer your business processes.

Collex Business Intelligence Platform

We provide efficient reporting, analysis, and business process management for finance, sales, and operational processes through the CollEx Business Intelligence Platform developed in collaboration with Management and Strategy Consultants, as well as Finance and Accounting Experts.

Key features:

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting functionality
  • PDF report generation
  • Bidirectional data flow with ERP and Accounting Software
  • Data updates from various data sources
  • Trend analysis
  • User authorization (module-based and viewable data-based)
  • Dual-secured online access and usage
  • Online accessibility
  • Tablet and mobile phone compatibility
Grant Soft | Collex Business Intelligence Platform

Financial Business Intelligence

Reports and analysis of your company’s financial health, performance and risks:

  • Balance sheet, income statement, ratio analyses, and consultant reporting
  • Customer Risk Management:
  • Sales Concentration
  • Receivables aging, collection efficiency and related performance indicators
  • Reporting and tracking by region, customer category, sales personnel, etc.
  • Monthly and yearly trends of all reports and indicators

Commercial and Operational Performance

Reporting and business processes for instant tracking of trade and operations in accordance with your company’s sector:

  • Order intake and tracking
  • Order and sales balance analysis (Long – Short)
  • Production performance monitoring
  • Inventory movements, stock tracking based on warehouses
  • Stock aging
Grant Soft | Collex Business Intelligence Platform

Field and Order Management

Workflow management and reporting for organizations that manage a large number of customers and orders:

  • Order Form
  • Order Process Management
  • Receiving the order, warehouse control, approval and transfer to ERP
  • Waybill and invoicing, delivery tracking
  • Activity reporting based on sales staff and region
  • Reporting the opinions and activities of field staff

Retail Sales and Inventory Data Management

Analyzing and reporting your sales and stocks in National Chains (Migros, Carrefour) and Online Retail Companies (Getir, İstegelsin, etc.) that share data through B2B platforms in the FMCG sector

  • Reporting the sales and inventory management performances of all your Key Account customers on a consolidated and single screen on the basis of Quantity, Amount and Unit Price in accordance with your company’s own product categories and definitions and strategic priorities
  • Stock and sales analysis on Company, Region, City and Store basis (stock-out, stock-surplus, stores to be delisted)
  • Campaign effectiveness reporting
Grant Soft | Collex Business Intelligence Platform

Marketplace Order Management

Bulk transfer of orders received from marketplaces in web service or different file formats to your ERP system

  • Automatic current account identification for new customers
  • Tracking orders from former customers in their own accounts and tracking marketplace customer loyalty
  • Transfer of product orders
Grant Soft | Collex Business Intelligence Platform

Collex Business Intelligence Platform