Office 365 has been prepared for your business and it is easy to use!

Office 365 is a cloud platform by which you can access your e-mail and calendar provided by Microsoft anywhere, you can edit your Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on the web and you can simultaneously text or realize video or audial conferences and you can share your files.

Team Work

Office 365 provides flexible tools for different devices and operating systems.

Your Office in Everywhere

Whether online or offline, directly connect to your office via your computer, tablet or phone.


You are under protection with data safety developed specially for Office 365!

It is easy to manage IT assets by means of Software Asset Management (SAM)!

SAM (Software Asset Management)

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the best application in the sector which enable you to control costs throughout all stages in your corporate and of lifecycle of software, and to optimize the software investments. SAM directed through a constant plan facilitates you to detect what you have, where they work and whether there is any excession, or not. A SAM plan properly used enable you to reduce cost, improve safety and compliance and foresee the possible software requirements. Furthermore, SAM enables you to record costs and advantages related IT projects in a right way and provide competitive advantage for your institution.

SAM is one of the best applications of the industry which has been created by uniting business and IT processes and procedures with the technology and proved itself and in the capacity to help your institution.

Grant-Soft is the authorized firm of Computer Microsoft SAM Study. As Grant-Soft Computer, we prepare the whole software inventory of your firm with Microsoft SAM Study and realize studies to minimize your licensing costs.

You Have All Control

Control costs and business risks for stronger and healthier financial position

Saving and Efficiency

Optimize your existing investments to realize more than what you already have

Easy Solutions for Growing Targets

Thanks to increased flexibility and speed, it grows in line with your company needs


Prioritizing the needs of its customers and developing brand-independent solutions for such needs, Grant-Soft has adopted to work with proved brands as a principle in terms of quality and service support. It realizes the supply of such brands from the leading distributors of Turkey.


All project design studies are realized by our Project team before and after the supply.

  • Server
  • Storage Units
  • PC / Notebook / Monitors
  • Printing Solutions
  • Network Products
  • Software Licences
  • Backup Products

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