İlaç Takip Sistemi

Grant-Soft realizes software works for firms about Medicine Tracking System which was set mandatory to be adopted in June 2009 by T.R Ministry of Health and it offers solutions for firms on data transfer between Logistics-Medicine Company-T.R Ministry of Health. Thanks to ITS Software which we developed, Medicine Companies can store the 2d-codes produced in their systems and take from the storages automatically when required and send in any format required by T.R Ministry of Health.

It works in compliance with all producer codes.

All order numbers produced for medicines through ITS system are required to deliver to T.R Ministry of Health by the medicine firms. While some medicine firms produce such codes in place in today’s world, most of the medicine firms transfer their order number productions to Logistics firms. Therefore, our program has been developed to receive and interpret single XLM data as a file from external source or multiple XML data over FTP and Secure FTP. Besides, all dataflow sent from system might be realized in XML format specified by T.R Ministry of Health. Different XML formats produced by different storages can be interpreted through cast modules included the program.

Simultaneous reporting system integrated with T.R Ministry of Health

Data submitted to T.R Ministry of Health is interpreted by the system and a reply is received for each order number and message sent. All replies are processed in our database automatically including the date and time information and then create the platform for possible inquiry and reporting requirements.

The system keeps the records of all information sent and received and can realize Reporting and Interrogation so that the possible problems can be understood more easily. Some reports have been defined on the system and additional reports can be formed in line with the special demands of firms when required.

A prospective system to meet any need

Due to the complex structure of our system, it was designed as open to any development and modular. Firms which are intended to enter into this work with a small-scaled budget can start with beginning version and then use other versions; and they can control their all processes by using the additional features which will be provided by our program.

Various modules which your company is in need of are gathered together with screens produced for windows, web-based or hand terminal, depending on your demand, and customized solutions for your firm are provided if you demand. Our software team is there for you in each stages of your project and help you for identification of flow charts and development of your project.