When we look at the industry in today’s world, most of the corporate companies use a commercial program to track their operations. However, because the commercial programs serve for particular purposes, mostly they are not adequate for whole operation tracking activity of the firms. Managers try to produce various external solutions through programs such as Excel, etc.; however, they lose time because of reporting, disperse files and inability to use multiple users simultaneously.

We listen to you and produce customized solutions for your company and regain your time for you; we increase your productivity and help you take right decisions for your company by analyzing the time. Of course, we are applying some established methodologies in this sense. We separate your project into various stages and prepare a time plan for you. In this way, you launch your project in awareness of what you will have and when you will have it.


1) Analyzing Your Project

  • Analyzing the needs
  • Determination of existing infrastructure and hardware
  • Determination of project infrastructure and requirements
  • Determination of reciprocal project team
  • Determination of critical success factors and fine details
  • Discussion of estimations and analyzing cause and effect

2) Project Proposal

  • Determination of project framework
  • Pricing hardware and infrastructure
  • Pricing software
  • Planning delivery
  • Identification of acceptance criteria

3) Project Launching

  • Pre-requisites
  • Determination of third party requirements
  • Environment adjustment

4) Other Services

  • Definition and determination of maintenance and support services
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Education

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