Actually CRM is not a newly-emerged concept. Regardless of the period, all managers who have a vision have been aware that understanding customers is of vital importance to improve their operations. When looked at the leader companies in their industrias, it is seen that all of them significantly invest in understanding customers and operate in a customer-focused manner.

On the other hand, various researches reveal that maintaining customer is of more profitable than gaining new customers. The results show that the cost of maintaining the existing customers are 6-7 times lower than gaining new customers.

The way to maintain the existing customers is more simple than thought:
To understand the customer and customize the products and services based on customer needs.

When it comes to the popularity of CRM in the recent period, several main points should be talked upon:

  • The point where the competency in the business world brings customer to the forefront.
  • The shelf-period of products in the market has gotten shorter and the advantage of being the first provided by innovative products has been reduced. While number of alternatives has increased for customers, competency has been intensified for manufacturers.
  • Communication technologies, especially Internet, has changed the habit of preference of customers and reduced their loyalty levels.



Let’s look at the general problems encounted in Customer Management Departments of companies.

  • Having a dispersed card index information, Not storing them on an updated and single common database
  • Non-traceability and non-reportability of sales team activities, non-measurability of efficiency of negotiations and visits realized
  • Managers’ not reporting or using the opportunities they have because of not storing the offers and opportunities on a common database
  • Disperse offer structure caused by the sales team who records their proposals on their own personal devices, not finding the proposals easily, teams’ not providing assistance for each other because the proposal costs are limited within the knowledge of persons
  • Not easily analyzing the product/service segment in which the customer interests mostly and monthly sale diagrams.

Grant-Soft Crm can offer reasonable alternatives for small-scaled companies targeting to grow step by step thanks to its modular structure. In this way, you step can into Crm world with a minor budget.

In today’s world, even tracking common card index is a problem which some firms would like to solve. So, you can purchase our modules by which you can place tags afterwards, track your negotiations, follow your opportunities, register your proposals without any user limitation...

The biggest enemy of Crm is avoidance of data entry because of the requirement of process unnecessary areas. Therefore, we try to provide you what you want or what you need, instead of providing what we have.

Let’s assume that our existing Crm structure was not in the nature you would like to see or there were some features you would like to add/remove, then our software team will be there for you for any development you would demand. Our software team will develop any structure you want.