İso 27001

We make our best to become an exemplary institution with our leadership in information

safety in Information Technologies sector by managing our operations such as documenting and constantly upgrading our information safety management system to

fulfill the requirements of ISO 27001, complying with all legal regulations and contracts related to information safety, managing risks against information assets systematically,

organizing trainings to improve the technical and behavioral competencies to increase awareness on information safety in integration with other

management systems which we are applying in order to manage any risk against our business sustainability and information assets.

İso 9001

As Grant-Soft, we are taking our steps together by realizing an healthy information transmission within the organization in order to

facilitate the analyses by means of data and statistics related to the activities realized and to facilitate the future planning accordingly, to increase the profitability and productivity for institutions which can obtain ISO 9001,

to keep the documentation and records in the facility regularly and effectively, to have a systematic approach

in the solution of interdepartmental problems, to facilitate the delivery of product on time, to upgrade the process defined between the processes and functions so that we can go further in the route of institutionalization by establishing a

systematic and executive infrastructure.

Grant-Soft fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001 - 27001 standards in full and completely.